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Zoran Lovric


Welcome to my website, the epicenter for all of your design needs. I guarantee precision and deliver solutions that will place you steps ahead of your competition. 

Keyboard and Mouse_edited.jpg

My Story

     I am versatile in designing 3D models / assemblies and blueprints in SolidWorks, with more than 25 years of manufacturing experience from operating the machines ,

set-ups, programming, quality control inspections, and designing the 3D models with blue prints.

     With over a two decades as a Freelance  Graphic Designer, I enjoyed working on various projects such as logos, business cards, brochures, flyers, catalogs, banners, and image manipulations. 

     I aim for perfection in my work, where I can show my ability for details and creativity. Feel free to look thru my art collection, I hope you will find my expertise  and originality appealing to your taste, and help you decide to hire me to help you advance your company image to a whole new marketing level. I will work with you on making/creating new energizing marketing that attracts new customers and bring the old ones back.

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